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Wellbeing & stress

Adverse childhood experiences & abuse

The (USA) National Comorbidity survey was analysed retrospectively to look at childhood neglect and risk of developing T2DM...


Burn-out is now an officially recognised phenomenon by the WHO and included in the ICD-11...

Family & Friends support

There is an association of improved outcomes with support from family and friends but it may depend...

Mental health & illness

Depression is three times more common in those with diabetes; anxiety and depression are increased in the presence of...

Positive psychology & Wellbeing

Positive psychology includes positive emotions, engagement and flow states, positive relationships..


The Whitehall II study looked at over 10,000 civil servants and examined their health related to socio-economic status..

Stress - pathophysiology of T2DM development

Reviews of the associations of stress and mental illness have been undertaken and also looked at the potential...

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