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Nudge theory

In 2020 a seminal paper studying nudge theory in type 2 diabetes was published. N=33 studies...

In 2020 a seminal paper studying nudge theory in type 2 diabetes was published. N=33 studies were used from a search of 11,494 studies. Specific nudge frameworks considered included framing (n=5), reminders (n=10), gamification (n=2), social modelling (n=5) and social influence (n=16).

Studies on reminders and gamification were more likely to have a significant outcome including in medication adherence, physical activity, diet, blood glucose monitoring, foot-care, self-efficacy, Hba1c and quality of life (Kwan, et al., 2020).

All five studies using social influence through group meeting sessions were effective in improve Hba1c outcomes. Reminder text messages were found to be ineffective including for glucose monitoring and eating fewer calories (Dobson, et al., 2018; Yoo, et al., 2008).

Social influence was ineffective when delivered through a mobile application (Chomutare, Tatara, Arsand, & Hartvigsen, 2013), although technology may have improved since this study.



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