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3 women diabetes remission

The signature group coaching programme.

Get the benefits of group support.

Reverse diabetes together at a more 

affordable investment in your health.

What the programme covers

Using the latest evidence and scientific research

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Laura Fuller

12 group coaching sessions with a health coach & nutritional therapist.

24 weeks of educational support and in-depth learning

Over 100 modules and resources to support

We are results driven.

We will help you: 

  • Lower blood glucose & Hba1c

  • Lose weight if needed

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Stop medication 

We will also help you to have more energy, improve your wellbeing and feel healthier.

Female Diabetes

Individual tailored support with our diabetes team. 

We provide support with allied health professionals specialising in diabetes. 


- Health Coaches

- Nutritional Therapists 

- Therapists & Counsellors

Coming soon.

Get support with our team who have special interests in diabetes prevention, remission and reversal. 

Our team has been trained to focus on health rather than disease. 

To help you to prevent and reverse disease. 

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Supporting you to health. 

We are focused on health rather than disease. 

Our Nutritional Therapists are registered with the Association for Nutrition and have undertaken further training in health coaching to support you with long-term changes. 

Our counsellors and therapists have experience of working with patients who are affected by mental health, where their diabetes may also be a part of their mental and physical health journey.

Does mahi have doctors?

Mahi has been developed by doctors.


In the UK, these professions are required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission, the UK health regulator which means we do not currently provide direct consultations with patients. We hope to provide this soon. 

Doctors will typically work to support patients with medications. If you need medication advice this will need to be provided by a health professional.


The lifestyle advice that doctors provide to help with diabetes reversal and prevention can be covered nutritional therapists, and we ensure the appropriate qualifications to support you in your journey. 

Male Diabetes

Accessing the programme 

We provide the programme locally in the NHS and councils

We're bringing the programme direct to the public soon.

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