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Diabetes coaching

Helping to improve and even reverse type 2 diabetes

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What the programme covers

12 group coaching sessions with a health coach & nutritional therapist.

24 weeks of educational support and in-depth learning

Over 100 modules and resources to support

We are results driven.

We will help you: 

  • Lower blood glucose & Hba1c

  • Lose weight if needed

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Stop medication 

We will also help you to have more energy, improve your wellbeing and feel healthier.

Evidence-based and scientifically informed

Developed using the latest evidence, delivered in the NHS with successful outcomes for patients. 

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Accessing the programme 

We provide the programme locally in the NHS and councils

In the future we plan to deliver the programme direct to the public online and in person.

We are commissioned to deliver our

bespoke coaching programmes in the UK.

Being made available to the public soon...

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