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Mahi makes health easy.

Take control of pre diabetes & diabetes today.

Start fixing diabetes in just 15 minutes.

Get the foundations on how to start fixing diabetes in just 15 minutes.  Start taking action right away.

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The 14 day Core Essentials program.

Using lifestyle medicine and guided coaching to guide you to better health, improving diabetes and supporting weight loss.

Prevent & reverse type 2 diabetes.

Become an expert in your own health to put conditions such as diabetes into remission. 

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Coaching with personalised support.

Personalised support to meet individual needs but still getting the benefits of group support.

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The full mahi method coaching
program is coming soon.

12 coaching sessions with a health coach & nutritional therapist.

24 weeks of educational support and in-depth learning

Over 100 modules and resources to support

We are results driven.

We will help you: 

  • Lower blood glucose & Hba1c

  • Lose weight if needed

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Stop medication 

We will also help you to have more energy, improve your wellbeing and feel healthier.

If they can do it, you can too

Lisa, 60s

"I have lost a stone and a half and more than two inches from my waist. My blood pressure is lower and I may be able to come off one of my medications."

What we're offering

The free Diabetes remission courses to give you the core information you need to start you on your journey.

We offer group coaching programmes and bespoke programmes to give you a community of like-minded health-improving members and personalised support - we hope to deliver this directly to the public in the future.

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Supported by

Innovate UK

Delivered in

the NHS

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Program Benefits

Our program has helped to achieve remission from diabetes and pre-diabetes. 

Patients often report improved energy, wellbeing & sleep. Check out the free-course for flavour of what we have to offer.

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