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Dr Sodha

Ready to Overcome
pre-diabetes & type 2 diabetes?

Reach Remission and Reduce Reliance on Medication.

Learn the 3 steps to start moving towards Diabetes Remission Today.


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Dr Sodha

The Mahi Diabetes Mastery Program with Dr Sodha helps you move towards Type 2 Diabetes Prevention & Remission.

Achieve flexible, sustainable & long-lasting changes in lowering glucose levels / Hba1c, lose weight & reduce reliance on medicine while becoming and feeling healthier.

How can I help you?

You deserve to enjoy food and have flexibility in your life.
You can reduce medication & put diabetes into remission. 
Lower your risk of diabetic complications including heart disease & strokes.
Dr Sodha consultation
I've worked with hundreds of patients who feel the only option is to keep increasing tablets or injections.

Despite best efforts to improve health, I have seen thousands of patients struggle with weight, blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, yet they can't seem to find the breakthrough that leads to long-lasting change.

I'm on a mission with Mahi to help you make health easy, to make a long-term change. You will be supported through your nutrition, exercise, wellbeing & sleep; your needs will be taken into account and programs personalised to you.

How would it feel to...

Lower your blood glucose levels, even to a non-diabetic or pre-diabetic range?

Reduce the amount of medicines you're taking?

Lose weight and keep it off?

Have more energy on a daily basis?

Sleep more easily, experience less stress & better wellbeing?

Find it easy to make food choices, easy to shop and easy to be flexible with food?

Know that you're in control over your health?

Know that you've increased your chance of living longer, in better health

Know you have reduced your chances of developing serious complications of diabetes

All of this is possible for you.
My clients and patients are living proof. You can achieve this too.

James, in his 50's

"I have lost a stone and a half and more than two inches from my waist.
My blood pressure is lower and I may be able to come off one of my medications."

Max, in his 50's

"The course has helped me get a clearer understanding of diabetes.
It has given me clear goals and targets for diet and exercise that I understand."

Katrina, in her 60's

"This course helped me put all aspects of my life in context and showed me how everything is interrelated and how small changes can have a great impact."
If it's possible for them, it's possible for you...
How? The answer is in 3 steps:
It's time to take control.

Mahi Diabetes Mastery is designed to guide you to 1. Improve Nutrition, 2. support your Lifestyle including Movement, Stress & Sleep, and 3. your Mindset.

This will help you achieve lasting changes for lower Hba1c, weight, blood pressure and even stop medicines. This will help you experiences less illness, feel healthier and live longer.

You're not alone.
47% of people living with diabetes have difficulty managing their condition

4.3 million people in the UK live with diabetes and 7+ million with pre-diabetes. Often it can feel you're alone in your health journey, but there are millions of others just in the UK all experiencing similar difficulties.

Evidence-based education, written by lifestyle medicine & nutrition experts, and independently reviewed.

The Mahi Diabetes Mastery is comprehensive, encompassing a full education program and 10 coaching sessions with Dr Sodha, a lifestyle medicine & diabetes remission expert. Optional for blood testing pre and post-program & Continuous Glucose Monitors with analysis.

Facts & Statistics
Diabetes Information
  • Over 10 million people have diabetes or pre-diabetes in the UK.

  • Diabetes diagnosis has doubled in 15 years.

  • NHS Type 2 Diabetes support is mostly limited to drugs, weight loss injections or radical weight loss shakes

  • The root cause of diabetes is related to our whole lifestyle, environment, access to healthcare and our long-term healthy habits

Dr Sodha
Hi, I'm Dr Kiran Sodha.


A private & NHS GP & lifestyle medicine physician. I specialise in preventing & reversing long-term health conditions.

I have nearly 15 years experience as a doctor. I have witnessed the frequent failures of modern medicine; monitoring and managing diabetes, rather than healing and treating the root cause.


I see all too often the preventable, downstream impacts on people's health.

Mahi means balance. And balance is Mahi's philosophy. 

Through my medical experience, I have and developed with clients and professionals a clear alternative.


Mahi Diabetes Mastery treats the root cause and the presenting symptoms. My clients have been on the verge of insulin to stopping medicines in just 6 months. I truly believe Mahi can support and change your life.

The old way to manage diabetes.
Old way of treating diabetes
Out-of-date methods do not stop you needing medication in the long-term.

Diabetes control is still focused on medicines management, looking for the latest drugs. Its focus is on screening; essentially waiting for complications to manage medically. Diets are primitive and not accessible to everyone. 

The Mahi Mastery looks at the root. It reverses processes that lead to diabetes.

The Mahi Method is holistic and we don't ignore medication. But we do recognise that patients can have an alternative to medicines, their potential side effects & complications.

There is a better way to diabetes mastery.
In just 6 months you can improve:

The cornerstone for diabetes

Helping you to really understand nutrition for diabetes including specific diets and being confident cooking & shopping.


Exercise, Well-being & Sleep 

Teaching the science & supporting you holistically across all lifestyle factors which impact diabetes control.

Mindset & healthy habits

For the long-term

Our personalised self-coaching, live coaching, and community will give you the connection & accountability you need for the long-term.

Combine these 3 areas effectively and you will lower your glucose levels, reduce weight if needed and it's likely you can stop medicine and drop your blood pressure too.
I'm going to help you get there.
Signature expert method
Mahi Mastery combines Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors & Healthy Habits for Diabetes Demission.

This combination is holistic and recognises not just the importance of nutrition but all factors your lifestyle to ensure you have the confidence and ability to sustain your health in the long-term.

Nutritional approaches are personalised to you utilising a combination of dietary approaches for flexibility.


10 coaching sessions will ensure you have support & accountability for success alongside a full 24 week education program.

Clients have made significant improvements in their health.

Weight loss & Lower Blood Pressure

Helping you to really understand nutrition for diabetes including specific diets and being confident cooking & shopping.


Lowered Hba1c by over 50 (mmol/mol).
Discharged from specialist care

Review 2

Weight loss & Healthy Habits

Review 3

Healthy habits & Coaching Support

Review 4
Now it's time to join in achieving
your health goals.
Dr Sodha
A personal note from me.
I know what it's like to experience poor health 

After years of over-working, in 2019 my body was breaking down. I experienced burn-out, weight gain and on the verge of pre-diabetes.

This experience contributed in-part to my realisation that doctors could not effectively support me to return back to health.


I turned my health around using lifestyle medicine principles, progressed my training & now provide this expert knowledge & support to my patients. 

Diabetes also affects my family

I've seen its impact inside out. I still too frequently manage the health complication of diabetes in my clinics. I can see this can be prevented.

A calling to change

Preventing illness, and reversing ill-health is now my focus. I have invested time studying functional, lifestyle medicine & health coaching. I have developed & delivered group programs in the NHS.

I'm grateful I can take my training and experience to support myself, my family, and you to better health. 

Find out more with the free training.

...In just 38 minutes get the free training for the 3 core steps to start moving towards diabetes remission and a healthier future.

Overcome pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes today.

Mahi Mastery is designed to guide you to improve nutrition, movement, improve wellbeing & sleep in just 4 months.


This combination will help you to achieve remission or prevent diabetes.

Achieve flexible, sustainable & long-lasting changes in lowering glucose levels, lose weight & stop medicine while becoming and feeling healthier.

Are you ready? Let's do this together. 

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