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The 14-day Diabetes Core
Essentials Program

Get the core essentials to reverse the processes leading to diabetes

Free until January 2024

Take a look...

The key concepts you need to help kickstart your journey into diabetic remission

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Inside the Core Essentials Program

There a multiple factors which combine together which lead to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The course covers these factors which include: 

- Nutrition

- Movement & Exercise

- Psychological well-being

- Behaviour change

- Understanding medication

- Sleep & Stress

Why this program?

- Written by doctors specialising in lifestyle medicine and diabetes remission

- The core essentials to kick-start your journey towards better health

- Reflection & Coaching that's personalised to you. 

- Start implementing straight away

Not sure?

Watch a short series of videos to find out more about Mahi

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