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Modern healthcare isn't solving lifestyle-related disease

"Typical medical approaches to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity do not treat the root cause of these diseases"

Dr Kiran Sodha, founder

Mahi means balance.

You can feel great, enjoy yourself and live a normal life.

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Dr Kiran Sodha

Dr Kiran Sodha is a GP specialist in lifestyle medicine treating patients with conditions including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

"I have witnessed all too often the downstream impacts of poor health and lifestyles on hospital wards, and through my own personal health experiences.  

By supporting people earlier we can avoid health-related consequences including heart attacks, strokes and even cancer."

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Laura Fuller

Laura is a Nutritionist and health coach specialising in weight management and type 2 diabetes.

"I have trained as a health coach, a Psychology degree and a masters in Human Nutrition.


I am passionate about positive, practical, and sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve overall health and wellbeing. I look forward to supporting your journey into better health."

An alternative method for health

By taking lifestyle medicine approaches, reviewing the clear evidence of the health benefits of the right nutrition, exercise, wellbeing and sleep support conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be reversed.

Advisory Board

Our advisors support and advise our team at Mahi

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Hannah Beecham


Dr Abanti Paul


Kiran Bhovan


Hannah Beecham is founder and CEO of RED January. She brings her expertise as a start-up founder, marketing and community leader.

Dr Abanti Paul is a GP partner at Primrose Hill Surgery, London and Clinical Lead of Central Hampstead Primary Care Network of GP practices. 

Kiran Bhovan is a strategic marketing and comms expert in multi-national companies and a coach.

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Dev Mukherji


Puja Sodha


Dr Ceri Sutherland


Dev Mukherji is a fast moving consumer goods expert, chef and author and founder of NomLabs, making healthy food accessible

Puja Sodha a full stack software engineer and a background in biological sciences. She advises on software & technology.

Dr Ceri Sutherland is an anaesthetist and sleep disorder consultant. She advices on sleep and lifestyle medicine. 

Professor Laura Giurge is a academic researcher and specialist in behaviour change, well-being and organisational behaviour. 

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Our vision

A world in which lifestyle-related disease does not exist.

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Home: About
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Our mission

To support 1 million patients back to health by 2040.

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